Board of Education Regular Meeting
Redwood City ESD
November 28, 2018 6:00PM
Sequoia High School Carrington Hall - 1201 Brewster Avenue, Redwood City, CA 94062

1. Call to Order
1.1. Roll Call
2. Oral Communication on Closed Session Items Only (See SPEAKING AT BOARD MEETINGS above.) The Brown Act (Open Meeting Law) prohibits the Board taking action at this meeting on items discussed during this time.
3. Closed Session 6:00-7:00pm
3.1. Public Employee Discipline/Dismissal/Release/Retention: Gov. Code 54957 (1 case)
4. Reconvene to Regular Session at Approximately 7:00p.m.
5. Welcome
5.1. Welcome
5.2. Pledge of Allegiance
6. Changes to the Agenda
6.1. Changes to the Agenda
7. Approval of Agenda (Action Required)
7.1. Approval of Agenda
8. Oral Communication (for items not on the agenda)
9. Action Items (Action Required)
9.1. Approval of Superintendent’s Final Formal Recommendations: Planning for Our Future Community Engagement Process

Please refer to the attached board memos in both, English and Spanish.  

Financial Impact:

Refer to the attached report for further details. 


Prepared by:  John R. Baker, Ed.D.

Approved by: John R. Baker, Ed.D. 

Recomendaciones Formales del Superintendente - Español
Superintendent's Formal Recommendations - English
9.2. Adoption of Resolution 13, Adoption of the Board of Trustees of the Redwood City School District Accepting Superintendent Recommendations from “Planning for our Future” Community Engagement Process and Approving the Consolidation and Relocation of School Programs, Closure of Schools and Facilities and Taking Related Actions in Connection TherewithWas edited within 72 hours of the Meeting

Please refer to the attached resolution and exhibit. 

Financial Impact:

Refer to the attached resolution and exhibit. 


Prepared by: John R. Baker, Ed.D.

Approved by: John R. Baker, Ed.D.

Anexo A - Datos Originales de Capacidad de Estudiantes (Español)
Exhibit A - Original Student Capacity Data
Notice of Exemption - 2018-19 Planning for Our Future
Resolución 13 - Español
Resolution 13
10. Board and Superintendent Report
10.1. Report from Board Members and Superintendent
11. Information
12. Correspondence
13. Other Business/Suggested Items for Future Agenda
14. Board Agenda Calendar
14.1. Changes to the Board Agenda Schedule

This is a regular board agenda item to provide Trustees with an update of any changes to the schedule of items for Board Meetings.


No changes.

Financial Impact:



Prepared by: Eliana García, Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent

Approved by: John R. Baker, Ed.D., Superintendent 

Schedule of Board Agenda Items
15. Adjournment (Action Required)

Published: November 23, 2018, 5:25 PM

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